Atolyestone official online store

Hello! Not so long ago, I talked about the official online store Atolyestone. There were ordered 2 bracelets, one of which was called Mint bracelet in the style of Thomas Sabo. The bracelet consists of 16 mint natural agate beads, which are strung on a sturdy jewelry thread. The thread stretches, so there is no clasp on the bracelet, but there are metal dividers in the color of silver. Another decoration of the bracelet, which makes it more youthful, is a tassel of multicolored floss threads and a metal star. The color of the threads perfectly harmonizes with each other, and with shades of agate. The bracelet fit me perfectly. He does not fly and does not press. The beads are heavy enough, but not so much that it causes discomfort. The diameter of the stones is 10 millimeters. The bracelet fit perfectly into my image, diversifying it. Agate stones are very beautiful. I recommend to all the official online store Atolyestone. Thank you for your attention and successful shopping!