Berrylook official site

Hello. It has long been watched on the official site Berrylook to this dress Women summer off the shoulder strapless. Compare reviews, read, doubted. Then I decided to order it, because I really liked it. I especially wanted a dress of this type, light, with open shoulders. Waited a month, ordered black. She was afraid that white would shine through, and I have a lot of light summer dresses. The dress arrived crumpled, it needs to be smoothed well. Ironing is easy, it will be difficult only in the area of ​​rubber bands. Cotton fabric, synthetics in it a bit. It feels like. In the heat it is very good, light, open. I ordered the size S. Gum stretch strongly and it goes to size 42-44. It’s good that she didn’t order M, because on the back it still falls a little and it’s beautiful, but M would most likely have fallen or hung, which is already ugly. It also scared that many ali complained about the extra tissue under their armpits. I have no extra fabric. But — it is very short. My height is 158, and it would still be nice to add 5 centimeters to the length and it would be nice. You need to wear it exactly as in the picture, letting it go, because if you lift it on your shoulders, you can see the whole butt. On high will be like a tunic. The dress has a lining and does not shine through. This dress is ideal in the heat or on the beach, I recommend it and the official site Berrylook.